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Lisie Print

Color:Platinum Print
Fit and Size:RegularXS
Features and Fit

Long sleeve 1/4 zip t-neck with stitching and snowflake design in a luxurious printed Italian fabric with an interior brushed finish. This top features natural wicking properties and 50SPF.

  • Description
    CONTENT: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
    Features and Fit
  • Features
    • 1/4 zip closure
    • digital sublimation print
  • Garment Care
    • Remove all fur and/or accessories prior to washing
    • Use gentle detergent if necessary
    • Dissolve detergent before adding garment
    • Machine wash Separately in cold water
    • Use delicate or gentle cycle
    • Fluff in Dryer with NO HEAT then hang dry
    • Do NOT Dry Clean
    • Do NOT iron
    • Avoid high heat

    Please note: Soaking or prolonged periods of dampness can cause bleeding of colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Any fabric exposed to ultraviolet light can fade or change colors.

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